Maxview Vudome Semi Automatic Satellite Syste

Item Code: MXL004

Vudome Semi Automatic Satellite System -

Using the controller, locate, tune and lock onto chosen satellite from the comfort of inside your vehicle.

Remote controlled for operation from inside your vehicle and protected from all weather conditions.
- Easy to elevate and rotate the dish to locate the required signal with heavy duty LCD display wireless remote control.
- Ultra lightweight, designed to be mounted to a vehicle roof
- Fitted with Twin LNB, ideal for use with either a PVR or to use 2 receivers at the same time.
- Very easy to install - only connect the coax cable(s) - powered by the receiver, no need to connect a separate power supply
- Dome design eliminates the risk of forgetting to fold down before travelling
- Aerodynamic, unobtrusive, and compact casing
- All weather resistant casing
- Satfinder to help you locate the satellite signal zone for Astra 1, 2 and Hotbird
- 2 year warranty

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