Exide Battery 80 AH

Item Code: EDER350

The 12 volt Exide dual range battery.  The ampere-hour capacity at 20 hour rate Ah:80Ah.  End taper post. 2 year guarantee.


With modern leisure vehicles featuring more technology and electrical appliances than ever before, buying an NCC Verified Leisure Battery gives consumers confidence that the battery they purchase for use is fit for purpose and will perform as advertised. Also, the NCC is encouraging its leisure vehicle member manufacturers to fit NCC verified leisure batteries.

Battery verification comes via a comprehensive, industry leading, testing process conducted by suitably certified and audited test houses. Batteries will be verified and labelled accordingly, into three categories: A, B and C, depending on their capacity and intended purpose:

Category A is for batteries with a higher storage capacity for people who frequently use their touring caravan or motorhome away from an electrical hook-up:


Category B batteries are aimed at those who frequently use sites with hook-up facilities, but require a greater battery capacity to operate devices such as motor movers:


Category C batteries are for users that require a lower capacity battery to cover basic operation of their habitation equipment for short periods away from an electrical hook-up:



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