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Alarm and Tracking Combo

The Sentinel system is designed with the intention of providing your motorhome with the best level of security out there

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Sentinel is an Alarm and Tracking system combo with both Thatcham category 1 and Thatcham category 6 accreditation. Designed to provide you with the highest levels of security possible for your motorhome.


With Sentinel, you will have access to the MyPhantom App on the web, your mobile device and or tablet so you can check the location of your motorhome while on the go. We look to update these regularly to provide you with the best possible level of security and level of quality and service possible.



Complete Solution

The Sentinel System is an all in one professionally developed tracking and alarm system designed to help you provide your motorhome with the highest level of security possible. Once again Phantom brings you the complete solution at a great price, traditionally this level of Thatcham Cat 1 and Thatcham Cat 6 security would cost from £1100!


Get access to our App, specially developed by our team of developers so you can arm and disarm your alarm remotely from anywhere you have internet access. Our app shows you the surest status of your alarm leaving you in control of your vehicle.


Unfortunately, motorhomes will always be a popular target for thieves, both for their high value and your increasingly expensive contents! With Phantom's Sentinel system, wherever you keep your vehicle you'll know it's safe, secure and monitored round the clock, day and night.


The Sentinel system can be installed into any compatible motorhome or camper van and is designed to use the vehicles remote keys plus the keyfob supplied. Canbus integration, where fitted, gives access to all the vehicles alarm sensors as well as enabling features such as remote locking and unlocking for your motorhome. A master override key is also provided, this can be used to customise the operation of the alarm and provide features like perimeter protection.


Easily accessible online, our unique MyPhantom portal provides deals and offers exclusive to Phantom customers while also giving access and management of device and contract details. Heartbeats and historical data provides a wealth of information, including location (via Google mapping, with Satellite and Streetview), battery voltage meter plus monthly history graph and mileage history chart is broken down monthly for the past year.


from £699 with

subscription options of £13.50 per month £149 per year or £499 for 5 years


Monthly subscription
£13.50 month
£149 year
5 years

subscription options of £13.50 per month £149 per year or £499 for 5 years

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