Protect your exterior paint surfaces and interior fabrics with Paintseal


  • » Easy cleaning of grime and the dreaded black streaks
  • » No more waxing or abrasive polishing required
  • » Seals and protects paintwork, ABS & GRP from AVA/UVB
  • » Maintains a high gloss appearance
  • » Low maintenance - just wash, go and enjoy


  • » Seals and protects fabric seating upholstery
  • » Easy cleaning and no stains guaranteed
  • » Keeps interiors looking newer for longer
  • » Hypo-allergenic, non-CFC, PTFE formula



For the exterior surfaces, Paintseal uses a world leading PTFE sealant. This high-gloss, durable and transparent product is professionally applied by our specialist fitting team. Once applied, the coating seals and protects your caravan, motorhome or boat´s exterior, including the ABS and GRP surfaces. The paint sealant provides a tough barrier against road grime, acid rain and salt attack. It also reduces the fading effects of UVA and UVB sun rays.

The removal of black streaks, bird lime and tree sap also becomes a lot easier, as the sealant barrier prevents them ´biting´ into the exterior surface. It also means there is no need for the use of harsh and abrasive cleaning products (which can damage your paintwork).

For the interior surfaces, the fabric protector we use is a non-aerosol based hypoallergenic PTFE formula, which coats all the seating areas, delivering an unbeatable defence against stains caused by accidental spills and day-to-day grime. The product after application is odourless and invisible. Your fabrics will look and feel like new, and in the case of an accidental spillage, all that is required is a gentle dabbing of the area with a towel to absorb the spill.

Motorhomes: Paintseal Ceramic Gen3

Up to 21ft (6.31m)                       £599
21ft – 24ft (6.31m – 7.31m)       £699
24ft – 27ft (7.31m – 8.23m)      £799
27ft – 30ft (8.23m – 9.14m)       £899

• Interior Fabric seating deletion is minus £50
•Inclusion of Carpet protection is additional £50 extra.

As of January 2020

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