Freedom Single Axle


The PowrTouch Heavy Duty Model 3

This is for the model to be fitted.

The Powrtouch Heavy Duty mover is the most powerful and popular mover in the UK. This model is fitted with a reduction gearbox to provide more moving power to the caravan wheels and is suitable for all single axle vans with shock absorbers. Under ideal conditions it is expected that this model will move a 1500 kgs (approx 1.5UK tons) caravan up a 1 in 4 slope.

This is the most powerful single axle caravan mover on the market...



Designed & Manufactured to ISO 9001:2000


Corrosion resistant materials and/or paint systems used.


Constructed to be easily retrospectively fitted to any existing Powrtouch


Works on all makes of caravan regardless of tyre pressures.

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