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Swift Basecamp Plus (2019)


Step into the crossover camping vehicle

Basecamp is an exciting all-new sporty, fun and stylish compact crossover camping vehicle created for life's adventurers, who are seeking to discover new experiences away from the crowd. It's the perfect vehicle to base your outdoor pursuits from.


At home in the Wilderness

You can stay connected to Basecamp from your mobile while out in the wilderness via the clever Swift Command app which links you to the onboard Swift Command control system. All you need is a mobile signal. You can locate your Basecamp or even turn on the lights and heating for a welcoming return to camp.

Which one is yours? Customise your Basecamp

You can personalise your Basecamp with the choice of 13 graphics packages including the standard scheme.

13 Individual exterior graphics packs to suit your style

Basecamp unionorange0000Basecamp hex0000Basecamp standard0000Basecamp uniongrey0000Basecamp hex0000Basecamp target0000

Basecamp hippy0000Basecamp beachvibe0000Basecamp blueorange0000Basecamp digitalcamo0000Basecamp orangehill0000Basecamp orangeline0000

Basecamp surfsup0000

Basecamp Plus
Internal Length
3.42m / 11'3"
External Length
5.10m / 16'9"
2.28m / 7'6"
Unladen Weight
Warranty Internal /External
3 Years / 10 yrs
Thermal Insulation Grade
Plus Pack
Swift Command Tracker by Sargent
Vango AirBeam Awning
Graphic pack
Al-Ko ATC (Factory Fitted)
Delivery Charge by Swift
Swiftshield Upholstery
Al-Ko Secure Wheel Lock

Step into Smart+ Construction

As the UK's leading leisure vehicle manufacturer, the Swift Group undertakes what is probably the most extensive research and testing program in the industry and we are constantly looking at new and better ways to construct our products.

SMART is the basis of our intelligent construction system that is used across our entire touring caravan and coachbuilt ranges.

Enhanced for the new season, SMART Plus takes the proven technology which provides a Strong timber-less body frame with Modern desirable looks and a leading Aerodynamic shape that is highly Resilient to moisture, all wrapped up in a caravan/motorhome that has undergone the most comprehensive Testing; and adds new balanced panel side walls with GRP outer and inner skins.

With the GRP outer to the sandwich floor and hail resistant GRP roof the full outer bodyshell of the caravan and coachbuilt bodyshell of the motorhome is now GRP making it even more resilient.

Carefully developed, SMART construction was only introduced once we were satisfied that it was truly fit for purpose.

Computer numerically controlled (CNC) cutting is used in the manufacturing process to provide accuracy and consistency time after time, to produce a high quality engineered product designed to give you a lifetime of SMILES.


Step into more Control

At the Swift Group we're continually looking for ways to enhance your enjoyment of the outdoors. Swift Command is a real innovation designed to make your touring experience even more carefree.

Now available across the entire caravan and motorhome ranges, this convenient technology makes it easy to manage, monitor and control your onboard systems leaving you free to enjoy your precious leisure time.

Basecamp Plus option Pack £595

ATC £325

Vango Air Beam Awning £795

Swift Command Tracker annual subscription £95

Graphic Pack £795

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